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Doing business with partners in Israel and around the world? Investing time and money?

What do you really know about your potential business partners?

BI SIMPLE will provide you detailed real-time financial and personal reports on your potential partners.


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In today's complex global economy, where companies are engaged in business with a diverse range of countries and organizations, real time, authentic, trusted information is more critical than ever. 

Companies are required to make important decisions with little or no information about their potential business partners. In today's world, to establish successful business partnerships, it is essential to have reliable and concise information that will assist your decision making.

We will provide you with all the necessary business intelligence about any company and / or manager in Israel. Every significant business activity requires an in-depth and meaningful examination of the company and its executives.


BI Simple

The company was established by former senior members of the Israeli intelligence community and employs teams of professional, skilled analysts with many years of experience in the intelligence sector. Our team specializes in gathering information, processing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions. The company decided to offer the general public access to personal intelligence reports out of a genuine understanding of the needs of private individuals as well as businesses, in a complex world where many visible and hidden potential threats and risks exist.

We provide our private and business clients with professional and quality information, sourced from approximately 200 databases, while ensuring a high degree of organizational ethics and discretion, solely through the use of legal means. All activities are carried out under the close supervision of legal advisers both in Israel and abroad.

Our solutions are customized to the specific needs of our customers, meeting and surpassing the highest global industry standards and norms.

Business Intelligence Report

A business intelligence report includes:

Reduce the likelihood of financial damage or aggravation?

Our company has access to more than 200 databases.

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